Economic impact of COVID-19 according to CBS
How are consumer prices developing? The consumer price index (CPI) was 1.8 percent higher in February than in the same month last year. The inflation rate still stood at 1.6 percent in January 2021. The increase in inflation is mainly due to the price development of motor fuels. In February, fuel prices were 0.7 percent higher than one year previously, while motor fuels were 5.4 percent cheaper in January year-on-year. Consumers paid an average of 1.676 euros per litre for petrol and 1.354 euros for diesel in February. In January, this was 1.615 euros and 1.289 euros per litre respectively. The price developments of clothing and energy also had an upward effect on inflation How is retail turnover developing? In January 2021, the Dutch retail sector recorded 5.9 percent year-on-year turnover decline. The volume of sales went down by 8 percent. However, due to the measures against the spread of coronavirus, there are great divergences within the sector. Turnover in the food sector rose by 8.6 percent, while turnover in the non-food sector shrank by 37.7 percent. In addition, online turnover increased by more than 92 percent in January.
Swedish Trade Minister Anna Hallberg: “Deglobalisation is an illusion”

Swedish Trade Minister: "Deglobalisation is an illusion" Free trade is under pressure, even in Europe. Sweden, among others, has explicitly spoken out against protectionist tendencies. "Embrace that we are globally dependent on each other."

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The Swedish Chamber Webinar The Future of Retail E-Commerce

"The word Retail will not exist in a few years from now" said Paul Martin yesterday during the Swedish Chamber webinar on The Future of Retail E-Commerce.  In collaboration with Chambre de Commerce Suedoise en France and Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia key speakers were sharing their insights on how retail will change in the coming years. The latest aspects about what the future of retail e-commerce will entail and the role of physical stores versus retail e-commerce. 

Will retail become obsolete in a few years and transit into consumer commerce and has 'home become the new hub'? How to move forward and also what should companies be prepared for when new VAT rules start to apply in July 2021? The webinar has been recorded and the replay will soon be available on our website. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank our accomplished speakers Paul Martin, KPMG, Paul de Jong, IKEA Nederland, Wilko Klaassen, Klarna and Elène Siem,  KPMG and our inspiring moderator Mark Ogertschnig for sharing their expertise and experience. 

We thank all participants for joining us at this interesting and inspiring webinar and welcome anyone to join us again for our future webinars. Sign up to our digital newsletter, like our social media and visit our website  for future webinars and upcoming events."

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General elections 2021: Mark Rutte did it again!

The “day after” election day (March 18, 2021) it's safe to expect that Mark Rutte, the current Prime Minister, is one step closer to fulfilling his ambition of being the longest serving Prime Minister of The Netherlands in history. His conservative-liberal party (VVD) won convincingly as expected, with a remarkable second place for FvD (Eurosceptic) and a close third for D66 (Liberal Democrats). This being the first general elections in an EU Member State under COVID-19, the voter turn-out of 79,3% is higher than expected. The definitive result is expected Friday next week.

The Swedish Chamber launches Tech Tables 2021!

Tech Tables is a platform for Swedish-Dutch tech leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to meet, learn and to discuss. At the Swedish Chamber Tech Tables we aim to celebrate the latest in technology and discuss the latest trends whether it’s artificial intelligence, blockchain or virtual reality.

Are you our new intern?

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands looks forward to welcoming a new intern to our office in Amsterdam for the period of 23 August 2021 – 10 January 2022.

 As an intern, you will be an important part of the team at the Chamber and contribute to the everyday operations of the entire organisation. The internship includes both specific duties to your internship role as well as supporting the office with administrative tasks.
Storytel — New Patron Member

The Swedish Chamber welcomes Storytel as new Patron Member

"Storytel is very grateful to be a patron to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands. We have been actively involved the past two years, and see how much we can benefit from each other. Hopefully we will do many great things together in the years to come." — Ruth de Jager, Country Manager

Welcome new Member

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to give a warm welcome to our new Member Einar & Partners!

"A focused partner on AIOps & IT Operations; Our passion is data, people and culture. We live for the intellectual challenge to break down complexity into simplicity. No overly complicated delivery models, not your average sales-pitch, and staff which brings emotional intelligence to a highly technical area – those are our promises." —